Dear H

Dear H,

How can you have left us like this? That is the question that keeps going round and round my nucleus. I simply don’t understand.

We have been together for so long. From the very beginning of this system. I remember those microseconds like they were yesterday, the two of us colliding at the solar core and clinging onto each other for dear life. Suddenly all the laws of physics made sense to me, and I knew I was finally where I belonged. I thought you felt the same. 

Little O is as distraught as I am. Possibly even more so. I know what you’re thinking… he’s not so little! But to me, he always will be. He changed everything when he came along, didn’t he? Suddenly we were two Hs and one O, bonded together, in the best time and place we could possibly be. We have been so lucky to be here on this planet, where we could enjoy all three forms of existence. That could only happen because the three of us were one…


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