Government should look to NHS for ways to improve general election 2015

My article for Guardian Healthcare (11 February 2015), considering the electoral innovations used in NHS Foundation Trust elections. I argued the NHS could be a good source of evidence on votes at 16, online voting and the single transferable vote.


Three reforms that would be more effective than adding a ‘None of the above’ option to ballot papers

My post for Democratic Audit (22 January 2015), considering the possible benefits of adding a ‘None of the above’ option to ballot papers at elections. I argued this would be only a superficial change, and that campaigning efforts would be better expended for reforms such as primaries, electoral reform or abolishing deposits.

Referendum is both a boon and a curse for bid to lower the voting age

My article for The Conversation (24 September 2014) in the aftermath of the Scottish independence referendum, responding to the growing political support for lowering the voting age to 16. I summarised arguments in favour of the change, and highlighted a downside with the idea that it be discussed in a constitutional convention.