Book Review: Money and Electoral Politics: Local Parties and Funding in General Elections

My review of ‘Money and Electoral Politics’ by Ron Johnston and Charles Pattie for LSE Review of Books (15 August 2014). I found the book an excellent source of data and insight on the financing of political parties and elections, but with a number of key issues under-explored.


After yet another year of low turnout – here are 11 ways to get people voting

I took part in a live Q&A for The Guardian (May 2014), alongside and a range of other experts in the democracy field, discussing how to increase turnout in local elections. The Guardian’s Sarah Marsh picked out the best of the suggestions made.


Do governments favour the old and would it be different if young people voted?

My post for The Conversation with Craig Berry (14 May 2014) on the impact of differential election turnout by age group. We challenged the simplistic notion that older people get the most out of public policy because they vote more. Although older people have had more protection from austerity measures in recent years, evidence suggests this is in line with the policy preferences of young people.