This defence of motorists looks suspiciously like an attack on local government

My article for LSE British Politics and Policy (4 September 2013), discussing the impact of parking provision on high street performance. The government has been attacking councils for pricing motorists out of high streets, but the evidence used to back this claim is disingenuous.


Councils are almost powerless to prevent the spread of betting shops on local high streets

My article for LSE British Politics and Policy (30 July 2013) responding to Newham Council’s legal defeat after an attempt to block a new betting shop. I argued this left councils with few powers to prevent betting shops opening, even where they believe this will harm the local economy.

Make betting shops sui generis in the planning system

My article for Modest Proposals (2 September 2013) on local authorities’ lack of powers to control the spread of betting shops on high streets. I argued for a reform to the planning system to ensure bookmakers must acquire planning permission for each new betting shop they propose to open.

The little society

My article for The Economist (17 February 2011) on recent moves toward the establishment of new parish councils, particularly in London. I suggested this offered an example of the government’s long hoped-for ‘big society’ in action, but also challenged the agenda by appearing to be an extension of the state.