NHS trusts need to improve the way they publish election results

Analysis for Health Election Data (7 November 2015) about the poor quality of election results publication at NHS Foundation Trusts. I highlighted various instances of bad practice, from delayed publication to the withholding of key information.

We need an NHS election day

Post for Health Election Data (15 April 2015), my site monitoring NHS Foundation Trust elections, on how greater coordination in the timing of NHS elections could lead to increased voter participation.

What can we learn about democracy from NHS Foundation Trust elections?

My post for the Crick Centre blog, at the University of Sheffield (9 December 2014). I gave an overview of the innovative practices used at NHS Foundation Trust elections based on research for Health Election Data, and also considered the future of NHS democracy after expected changes to the FT model.

Political parties and NHS Foundation Trust elections

My analysis for Health Election Data (September 2015) on how party memberships feature in NHS Foundation Trust elections. I considered it inappropriate that memberships be declared even when candidates are not official nominees, but also found party status has little impact on electoral performance.