Responding to Gus O’Donnell’s attack on older people’s benefits

My article with Craig Berry for the International Longevity Centre UK (12 November 2013), responding to Gus O’Donnell’s criticism of older people’s benefits in a recent article for Political Quarterly. We argued his diagnosis of the problem was misleading and his proposed solution betrayed anti-democratic sentiment.


Speakers and their deputies: A democratic deficit

My article with Sean Kippin for Total Politics (15 October 2013), arguing that voters in the constituency of the House of Commons Speaker are disenfranchised by parliamentary custom. We suggested ways of reforming the office to address this democratic deficit.

London and the South East feature disproportionately in parliamentary CVs

Part two of my data analysis for Democratic Audit (8 August 2013) on MPs’ geographical roots, considering where MPs went to university and worked before their election. I found, in particular, that the southern regions of England are over-represented in MPs’ employment and academic backgrounds.

MPs are much less local than they would have us believe

Part one of my data analysis for Democratic Audit (16 July 2013) on MPs’ geographical roots, considering birthplaces and secondary schools. I found only around half of MPs were born in the region they represent, let alone their constituency, despite many stressing their local origins to voters.