EU referendum: We need an intelligent debate about lowering the voting age

My article for the LSE’s new Brexit blog (23 November 2015). I argued in favour of the House of Lords’ (probably short-lived) amendment of the referendum bill to enfranchised 16 and 17 year olds, but suggested that the debate on lowering the voting age has so far been generating more heat than light.

Referendum is both a boon and a curse for bid to lower the voting age

My article for The Conversation (24 September 2014) in the aftermath of the Scottish independence referendum, responding to the growing political support for lowering the voting age to 16. I summarised arguments in favour of the change, and highlighted a downside with the idea that it be discussed in a constitutional convention.

Some political scientists see the voting age debate only in abstract terms

My article for The Conversation (14 May 2014) on the votes at 16 debate in Australia. I was responding to a journal article from Ian McAllister, who reproduced a common flaw among political scientists, to ignore the reality of young people’s lives when commenting on whether the voting age should be lowered.