Arise Sir Gary: Just When You Thought the Jubilee Couldn’t Get Any Worse

My review for the Huffington Post (4 June 2012) of Gary Barlow’s nauseating documentary about how he recorded the official song for the Queen latest Jubilee. Basically, a gifted, delusional musician talks into a camera in various places around the Commonwealth, then gets a chart-topping choir to record a mediocre song back in England.


Julian Fellowes’ Titanic: All Class and No Character

My review of Julian Fellowes’ miniseries Titanic for the Huffington Post (26 March 2012). Essentially an attempt to recreate Downton Abbey on a ship, which failed even against that low ambition. The only saving grace was knowing how it ended.


TV review: Borgen

My review of BBC Four’s Danish political drama, Borgen, for The Grapevine (22 January 2012), praising the show for its measured portrayal of politics and serious consideration of policy issues.