Media | Speaking

4 December 2015. BBC Newswatch – interview on the BBC’s coverage of the debate about Britain’s military involvement in Syria.(Read blog post.)

15 June 2014. BBC Sunday Politics (North West) – interview on the rise of ‘one-party states’ in local government.

19 May 2014. ‘Local elections in numbers: Nine facts’ – discussion of my research into the cost of elections in the Guardian.

14 May 2014. Pfizer CEO Faces U.K. Panel as Resistance to Bid Hardens’ – comment on select committees on Bloomberg.

25 March 2014. Discussion of research into MPs’ backgrounds on BBC Radio 4’s World at One.

17 March 2014.Democratic Audit on the “scandal” of the poor value taxpayers get for the £800m spent on elections in the UK’ – coverage of my research into election information for Democratic Audit on Liberal Democrat Voice

12 March 2014. ‘£764m spend still leaves young stimied over electoral process’ – coverage of my research into election for Democratic Audit in The MJ.

7 March 2014. Old-fashioned voting information missing young’ coverage of my research into election for Democratic Audit in the Local Government Chronicle.

7 March 2014.  ‘Different votes for different folks’ – coverage of my research into election information for Democratic Audit on We Love Local Government.

6 March 2014. Presentation on the composition of select committee witnesses to the Scrutiny Unit at the Houses of Parliament.

27 February 2014. Appearance at the House of Commons Political and Constitutional Reform Committee, giving evidence on voter engagement. Webcast available here.

27 January 2014. ‘Too few women called to give evidence to parliamentary select committees’ – coverage of my research for Democratic Audit in The Financial.

1 January 2014. ‘Political comment? You must be joking’ – letter in The Independent. (David Blunkett responded to the letter here.)

30 December 2013. ‘Media could do more to support voters in Britain’ – letter in The Guardian.

26 November 2013. ‘Betting shops a blight on Britain’ – coverage of my research into high street betting shops on The Atlantic Post.

10 October 2013. Presentation on ‘Democratic participation and elections data’ at the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and Senior Managers (SOLACE) Summit in York.

29 August 2013. ‘Is the OBR stuck in the middle of independence and in-house?’ – coverage of Office for Budget Responsibility research in Money Marketing.

17 July 2013. ‘More than half of MPs don’t represent region of birth’ – coverage of research into MPs’ geographical origins on Liberal Conspiracy.

20 July 2012. Presentation on the scope of the London Assembly high streets investigation to the Association of Town Centre Management (ATCM) London region.

31 January 2012. Presentation on the ‘Principles of effective stakeholder engagement’ to the Centre for Public Scrutiny conference, London.

21 September 2011. Presentation on the findings of the London Assembly public toilets investigation to the British Toilet Association annual conference in Stratford-upon-Avon.

29 May 2008. ‘The BNP and Stoke’s fragmented political scene’, letter in The Guardian.