Why moving house means you could lose your vote

Before the 2014 local elections I produced the first ever estimate of how many were potentially disenfranchised because of registration rules that penalise people for moving house. Published on (16 May 2014).


Some political scientists see the voting age debate only in abstract terms

My article for The Conversation (14 May 2014) on the votes at 16 debate in Australia. I was responding to a journal article from Ian McAllister, who reproduced a common flaw among political scientists, to ignore the reality of young people’s lives when commenting on whether the voting age should be lowered.

It’s Time for a British Football Team

I’m British, I’m a football fan, and I want to see a British football team entering international tournaments. This is my biennial lament and I have been at it again during the World Cup. This time for the Huffington Post (20 June 2014).


Do governments favour the old and would it be different if young people voted?

My post for The Conversation with Craig Berry (14 May 2014) on the impact of differential election turnout by age group. We challenged the simplistic notion that older people get the most out of public policy because they vote more. Although older people have had more protection from austerity measures in recent years, evidence suggests this is in line with the policy preferences of young people.